DarkHorse mentors and invests in college entrepreneurs. We provide capital and advisory services to support under-estimated college innovators, “DarkHorses”, who have the vision and drive to succeed but lack the resources necessary to successfully execute. With a finger on the pulse, these new business leaders are brimming with the ideas that will define the future and capture the world’s attention, as numerous college-conceived success stories have recently done.

Experience starting companies as an undergraduate revealed the lack of support for college entrepreneurs. Little has changed since then, as talented students continue to pursue post-grad jobs that appear more lucrative and secure, while never enjoying the opportunity to truly test their skills and imagination on a new venture. DarkHorse exists to disrupt this pattern by actively pursuing talent and ventures on campuses and taking a hands-on approach to developing these seed-stage businesses.

In its essence, entrepreneurship is simply a mindset towards solving problems. As any entrepreneur can attest, successfully creating an organization that solves a problem is incredibly hard. We believe companies are disproportionately focused on “product”/”service” in the early stages and overlook the essential ingredients that lead to success. ‘Accountability’, ‘great management’, ‘like-ability’ and ‘coach-ability’ take precedent above all else in the teams with which we work.  They are the variables least focused on, yet the ones we believe with the highest correlation to success.

The massive restructuring of the job market taking place is creating a perfect storm. Pre-existing career paths are in question, and an increasing number of students are open to alternative options. The environment is primed for tremendous innovation and DarkHorse is excited to be in this sweet spot; supporting new ideas, backing great entrepreneurs and enhancing educational experiences through mentorship and investment capital.