In 2009, Wills woke up and set off on his own. He left bright prospects at Morgan Stanley Investment Banking to pursue more personal passions, founding DarkHorse Investors. The venture was born out of an opportunity sensed during his collegiate years; to identify talented entrepreneurs and improve education through experience-based learning when curiosity and ambition are at their peak.

In this vein, Wills’ life has consistently been defined by a deep human interest. As an outgrowth of his interest in student entrepreneurship, he also co-founded the Thought into Action Entrepreneurship Institute, a university incubator that mentors students through the experience of building their own ventures.

Continuing this passion for disruptive education, Wills co-founded StudySnacks, a website where teachers leverage their own expertise to create lessons on a wide variety of subjects, catering to the complex learning styles of children.

In school, he was a visible member of the community, spearheading a number of programs to enhance campus life, and frequently collaborating with friends on small start-up initiatives. He has also devoted much of his time to service, and his efforts have been duly noticed; receiving the President’s Student Service Award from both Presidents Clinton and Bush.

Wills attended Phillips Academy Andover and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colgate University, with a BA in Chinese Language and in Latin American Studies. He spent a year living in China and studying Chinese at the Beijing Capital University of Economics. He speaks fluent Spanish, broken Chinese, and conversational “Startup”. Wills is most inspired when working with young entrepreneurs and underdogs on their ideas.